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Yankee Breeder Referral Litter Listings

Yankee’s Breeder Referral program provides prospective Golden Retriever owners with information to assist with the purchase of a carefully bred Golden Retriever puppy or adult. Puppies and dogs listed in the referral program are from parents who have passed a number of important health tests for hereditary disorders.

Acceptance of a listing to Breeder Referral does not constitute endorsement by YGRC or any of its members. Neither the Yankee Golden Retriever Club nor its Board of Directors assumes responsibility for the quality, health, soundness, or temperament of any litters listed.

To participate in the program, breeders must have been a member of Yankee Golden Retriever Club for a minimum of one year and provide the following:

The results of all health exams should be available in an approved online database such as OFA (https://www.ofa.org). Many breeders are now also doing DNA testing for several diseases that can affect Golden Retrievers.

Yankee Golden Retriever Club recommends that a fully executed, written purchase agreement setting forth all the terms of purchase be obtained before possession of a puppy is transferred from the breeder to the purchaser.

About Golden Retriever Breeders

What Responsible Breeders Really Do: GRCA video

Selecting a Breeder: Expectations and Questions to Ask

Breeder Referral Contacts

The club's breeder referral program only lists breeders who are Yankee Golden Retriever Club members in good standing and have recently submitted the required information on their litters. Occasionally an older puppy or adult dog will be listed.

Please note: Generally breeders will only list with Breeder Referral when they are expecting a litter or already have puppies for sale.

When you find your puppy, remember to enroll him/her in Puppy Kindergarten. Early training and socialization are critical to a well-behaved companion. YGRC no longer offers puppy kindergarten classes for Golden Retriever puppies. For a list of some area puppy classes sorted by town see Puppy Classes.pdf


Please use the resources below to help determine if a puppy, older dog, or a rescue dog will meet your personal preferences and fit into your lifestyle.

With the increase in popularity of the Golden Retriever has come a corresponding decrease in the overall quality of some Goldens being bred. AKC papers alone are no indication of the quality of a puppy. An AKC registration form is comparable to a birth certificate, nothing more! Responsible breeders look for breeding stock that best exemplifies the official breed standard, a written description of the ideal temperament, correct proportion, structure and movement, as well as size and color for a Golden Retriever. The GRCA site describes the official Golden Retriever Breed Standard.

In looking for a Golden puppy, you will notice that prices vary widely. Discuss costs, responsibilities, and other issues with all the breeders you meet. Be sure the breeder you choose is someone you are comfortable working with; a responsible breeder will be available to help and advise you throughout the life of your puppy.

We wish you the best in your search and encourage you to read the following articles: